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News - SteamWorld Dig 2 arrive sur 3DS. Dans 10 jours ! (3DS)

news steamworld dig 2 arrive sur 3ds dans 10 jours 3ds

Surprise : Image & Form a annoncé la sortie le 22 février d'une version Nintendo 3DS du jeu SteamWorld Dig 2 ! Découvrons-en quelques détails dans cette info !

le Lundi 12 Fevrier 2018 à 23h58 sur « Puissance-Nintendo »

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le Lundi 12 Fevrier 2018 à 23h46
the five nights at freddy s movie will be directed by chris columbus

The ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ movie will be directed by Chris Columbus

Almost a year ago, Blumhouse Productions -- the studio that followed the wild success of Paranormal Activity with hits like Insidious, Whiplash, Split and Get Out -- secured the film rights for the video game Five Nights At Freddy's. Today, the compa...

le Mardi 13 Fevrier 2018 à 00h52
boston dynamics robots are the politest pets you ll meet

Boston Dynamics' robots are the politest 'pets' you'll meet

We hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight. Boston Dynamics has posted a video showing that its SpotMini robot can hold the door open for its fellow automatons. If one bot needs a helping hand, it'll signal to another machine nearby that can...

le Lundi 12 Fevrier 2018 à 23h14
samsung s redesigned emoji are actually recognizable

Samsung's redesigned emoji are actually recognizable

When you send an emoji to a friend, you want it to convey the same information. For example, if you sent a "rolling eyes" emoji to a buddy using a Samsung phone, they might not pick up what you're laying down. That's because 2017's "rolling eyes" emo...

le Lundi 12 Fevrier 2018 à 23h58

News - Ubisoft est le premier éditeur tiers sur Switch (Switch)

Finance et chiffres de vente Grâce à Mario + The Lapins Crétins Kingdom Battle, Ubisoft peut se féliciter d'être le premier éditeur tiers de la Switch.

le Lundi 12 Fevrier 2018 à 23h58

News - Etats-Unis : un starter pack Splatoon 2 pour relancer les ventes du jeu (Switch)

Nintendo a annoncé la sortie aux Etats-Unis d'un pack Splatoon 2 Starter Edition, destiné à inciter les joueurs qui n'ont pas encore le jeu à sauter le pas, pour booster les ventes du jeu outre-Atlantique.

le Mardi 13 Fevrier 2018 à 00h20

Researchers use nanorobots to kill tumors in mice

Our current methods of fighting malignant tumors are wildly inadequate. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments, while sometimes successful, come with massive side effects, mainly because every other cell in the body is also getting bombarded with chem...